With Bitcentral’s Standard or Enhanced Media Encoder, play a live feed directly to air or rewind a feed to get an instant replay direct to air, fast.

Bitcentral Media Encoder four channel scheduler Cropped

Standard Media Encoder

Captures Live Video And Includes Two Independently Controlled Video Inputs. The standard media encoder captures live video and includes two independently controlled video inputs. Using a browser UI, it operates like a very simple and easy to use tape deck.

Media Encoder Recording

Enhanced Media Encoder

It offers everything our standard encoder does plus the ability to rewind or fast forward a live encoding to the desired in-point and play out directly to air. The Enhanced Media Encoder cuts the encode-to playout time to seconds, delivering breaking live news or marked clips to air. Other features include:

  • Get on air across multiple platforms faster
  • Controlled via any desktop control
  • 2 channel-in encoders
  • Full integration with Precis™ and Oasis
Enhanced Media Encoder webpage continuous record

Enhanced Media Encoder

The Bitcentral Enhanced Media Encoder has a hardware control panel for controlling playout functions. The control panel can control the playout functions of up to 4 Enhanced Media Encoder servers. The buttons select which encoder you are controlling. Also includes:

  • 4 channel controller
  • Direct connection from Media Encoder to playout
  • A single controller controls playback from up to four Media Encoders
  • Encoder with Instant Replay boxes
Bitcentral Enhanced Media Encoder Hardware Controller

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