A C-Suiter’s Guide to Capitalizing in the Cloud

Sep 28 2021

Last week, a record number of attendees joined TVNewsCheck’s TV2025: Monetizing the Future Conference, where Bitcentral’s GM, Core Business Unit, Sam Peterson, joined industry experts from Sinclair Broadcast Group, CBS Owned Stations, Hearst Television, and WarnerMedia to discuss the state of the industry and the financial implications of broadcasting operations moving to the cloud.

The panel “A C-Suiter’s Guide to Capitalizing in the Cloud,” which was moderated by TVNewsCheck’s own Glen Dickson, examined how revenue streams and profits are likely to be affected by a move to the cloud and how broadcasters should plan over the long term for a cloud-based infrastructure.

The cloud is not an overnight phenomenon. Sam Peterson commented: “We have been preparing for this migration for years in our use of COTS, virtualized platforms, and being as hardware agnostic as possible.”

But in the ever-changing world of broadcasting where audiences can span multiple locations and devices, broadcasters with ambitions of challenging the status quo need to gain the necessary flexibility to quickly and efficiently get their programming on-air in the most cost-effective way.

When asked how much has Bitcentral virtualized operations, Sam replied: “By developing our solutions as software and architecting on microservices when possible, we can continue to use the deployment method, whether that’s on-prem, private datacenter, cloud, that our customers need to meet their objectives.”

Peterson continued: “Many of our customers are using a combination of solutions, and the mix isn’t always related to the output. We have customers using cloud solutions for linear and traditional solutions for streaming. It is largely driven by the financial model and the features sets required. Not so much the style of operation.”

Here’s a guide to the flexible broadcast systems that Bitcentral offers:

Core News

An elegant and efficient way to handle news production which is optimized to the vital tasks that keep mission-critical newsroom operations running smoothly. It is trusted by over 450 channels across North America and over 1,000 media operations worldwide.

Central Control

Industry-leading on-premise playout and automation solution that seamlessly executes all the processes converging into playout. Automated ingest routines, streamlined verification/validation processes, and intuitive segmenting procedures makes Central Control one of the most advanced and reliable solutions for linear broadcast playout.

Veset Nimbus

A self-service, cloud playout solution for broadcasters and broadcast service providers. Nimbus is designed to rapidly launch event-driven popup channels, disaster recovery channels, and 24/7 channels with lower up-front costs.


Our next-generation video and distribution platform for digital publishers and streaming providers. FUEL provides ultra-efficient dynamic automation to manage and publish large volumes of content to web, mobile, streaming applications, social, live & clip syndication, and FAST channel environments, which decreases manual time, effort & cost.

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If you’d be interested in watching the panel again to learn how you can monetize the future of TV, then the discussion is available here.